Rajasthan sso login

RAJASTHAN SSO LOGIN (RAJSSO LOGIN): A single identity for all application, this will allow all the citizens to access various e-services at single click.

  • Rajasthan is adapting online services very quickly. Rajasthan state is trying to give out hundreds of online services to its citizens. For this reason a new concept is introduced. And this concept is very helpful and very unique. According to this concept user have to create a SSO ID to get the various online services available for them.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service which will permit a user to register and set some login credentials. And with this one can access multiple applications.
  • This will be used as login id by which anyone who has this ID can use the various online services provided by Rajasthan Government.

This article is all about the Process of SSO Id online Registration.

How does SSO Id work?

  • The SSO id issued to the people is the unique id for every resident of the Rajasthan State. After the SSO id issued to you, you can make use of the SSO id to log in at the portal to get the various. Online Service and benefits related to it.
  • It contains various specific services such as the citizen- specific services, Udyog specific services, and government employee specific services.
  • The main work of the SSO portal is to help the services to reach people with the online identity service provided to them.


Eligibility criteriafor the registration the population of Rajasthan, various industries in Rajasthan. And Employees of Rajasthan are eligible

  • Ways to Registration :
  • Using Bhamahsah ID
  • Using Aadhaar ID
  • Using Facebook
  • Using google
  • Government Employees of the Rajasthan can use their SIPF number and password for registration
  • Industries Registration can be done :
  • Using UAN ( udhyog Aadhaar Number)
  • Using BRN (business Register Number )

Way to Online Registration: 

  • First step is to visit SSO.rajasthan.gov.in: Single Sign on- SSO portal contains the citizen Specific, udhyog specific and govt. employee specific services in a single window.
  • You will find three option for registration
  1. Citizen
  2. Udhyog
  3. employee
  • Choose the option depending upon type of registration you are going to do.
  • If you are a citizen of Rajasthan, then click on the citizen Tab.
  • You will get four options Bhamashah ID/Aadhaar ID/Facebook/Google.

Note: here you need to use mobile number which is linked with your Aadhaar card

  • If you are an organisation then you have to click on udhyog and register yourself using either UAN or BRN.

Following these steps one can register them self for SSO Account. In case you forget your Id password and username then you can directly click on the link


Note: The SSO id is a very innovative concept of generating the digital id. This is very beneficial for the people as all the service will become a click away

Help Desk:

  1. For any quarry of any type you can go to sso@rajasthan.gov.in
  2. Telephone : 0141-5153222 , 01415123717