EPDS Telangana


  1. EPDS is an online portal to manipulate or manage the Food Security Card or Ration card in the state of Telangana, this portal was formed after the separation of Telangana state and Andhra Pradesh State. This portal was made under the NFS (national food security) Act 2013.

This article provide information in brief about EPDS telangana

  1. The Epds Telangana is an online software application related to ration cards management, and in addition to this it also includes allocation and seeding of Aadhaar Data.
  • The processes involved in the Distribution of Essential commodities to the BPL families are automated in order to get high proficiency, accountability and transparency to the PDS of civil supplies Department.
  1. The main idea behind EPDS to help poor people to avail several Facilities which are offered by Telangana government. According to this people who do not have at least a decent income can get food given by the state Government, this will be done by ration cards hence the work of EPDS is to manage the processing of this Ration card.
  • According to the civil service department the whole system is divide into three main categories:
  1. Aadhaar seeding module.
  2. Ration card management module.
  3. Allocation module.
  4. Following are the item that are provided by the government to the card holders
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Lamp
  • Petrol
  1. This is a relaxation given to cardholder by the government that anyone from the family can use the Ration card as an identity.

TYPE OF CARDS: there are two cards under this scheme

  1. Ration card: under governments TPDS scheme people under APL are not identified, they do not get the subsidized food grains through government.
  2. Food security card: this is also known as food security ration card under this BPL & AYY are beneficial under TPDS scheme. People under this category are eligible to receive subsidized food grains.

Ration card: the public distribution System of the Telangana state has divided the ration card into different categories:

  1. APL above poverty line

In people who comes under this category are those who have annual income of 10,000 annually and hence they are provided with white ration card.

  1. BPL ( below poverty line)

Individual under this category are those who earns less than 10,000 annually and they are provided with pink ration card.

  1. Antodaya or AYY (antyodaya anna yojana) : This is the category in which people who don’t have any source of income or those who have very low income annually . Such as daily labour. They are also provided by pink card.


  • Requirements
  1. MEE SEVA application form
  2. You need a copy of identity proof like voter ID card, driving license, Aadhaar card
  3. Passport size photograph.
  4. You will be charged as service charge- Rs.30 and 0other statutory charges up to rs.5 and the total is Rs. 35


There are two ways to get the ration card.

  • Offline
  • Visit MEE SEVA centre
  • Get the ration card form and fill up the application form with proper information.
  • Attach the relevant documents to the application form before submission.
  • Attach your photo in the application form and ensure correctness of the provided details
  • Submit the application with the fees.
  1. Offline
  • Visit the home page of MEE SEVA
  • At the left side of home page, select MEE SEVA services forms under quick link.
  • Click on civil services and then click on the issue of NEW ration card. Application from.
  • Fill up the required details and check for correctness
  • Take the print of the Application and submit it to any one of the MEE SEVA centre.

Downloading Ration card:

  • Visit : https://epds.telangana.gov.in
  • Right hand side menu click on FSC search and in this page you need to select your district.
  • Enter the FSR ref number it will be on your Old ration card, the file that comes is your ration card.

Epds App: you can get the app in google play store for this service of telangana government, this app works in for you same was as website does.