Epds AP login


  1. As in India we have Ration card as one of the oldest Documents in the country. This card was form to distribute that subsidized food gains to the needy people. Ration as also served the purpose of identity proof and address proof. But it is one of the important document Such As Aadhaar card.

Ration Card:  Under National food security Act. This scheme was started, Ration card are an official documents issued by state government in India. To the households who are eligible to purchase the subsidized food grains from the PDS. They are also used for identification purpose.

PDS ration in Andhra Pradesh:

  • For a person to buy form any of the PDS shop he has to show his eligibility, this is authenticated through an Aadhaar KYC handheld Device.
  • The PDS system checks the quantity and eligibility both for each item.
  • This is a first come first serve process. In which after checking the availability the grains and foods are given to the ration card holding person in the market rate.
  • After the governmental processes are completed, the amount that has to be reduced is credited in the buyers account.
  • After the separation of Andhra Pradesh and telangana, the Andhra Pradesh Government has introduced an online interface to manage the Ration card issuing and manipulating process.
  • Andhra Pradesh government, has launched e-ration card, by Electronic public distribution system login. That simply means e-ration card.
  • By this system in management, applicants can secure ration cards and checks their costs and food grains availability online. This system also helps in marks a full stop in complaints of disparity and also help to stop the in between corruption practices.

Changes made in PDS:

  • All the PDS shops are going to get linked with Aadhaar card. Once all PDS shops in the state are linked to the Aadhaar- enabled central server, this will be easy for the beneficiaries, they can buy the subsidized food and grain from any shop in the state.
  • This process helps in reducing corruption since, the subsidy amount is credited as DBT to the eligible beneficiary. Any other movement of subsidized commodities will not benefit anyone involved in the process.

  1. According to Andhra Pradesh government there are two types of Cards in the Ration card categories :
  • White Ration Cards: this card is issued to the people who are below poverty line.
  • Pink card: this card is given to the people who are above poverty line.

E-Ration card: Andhra Pradesh government has introduced the concept of E-Ration card this will work through Epds (electronic Public Distribution System) to make it easy for the people of the state to use the facility of Ration card.



  • Offline method:
  • You have to go to nearest Ration office to get the D1 application.
  • Along with the above application, the applicant must submit:
  • You need identity Proof Documents
  • Address proof Documents
  • A passport photo
  • Fill your application without error. Try not to have overwriting and the applicants need to have all the documents before entering the details.
  • After filing up the form and checking for correction, kindly submit the application form to the ration card office. Take the receipts since that will be used further. Ration card will be issued in Smart Card format within few days.
  • Online method
  • Visit : http://ap.meeseva.gov.in
  • You need to create an account, you need to have Email ID, gender, residential address, city etc. entered. And hence your account will be created.
  • Now fill up the application. In which you have to provide necessary details.
  • Submit the application by clicking on the submit option.
  • Takedown – the Transection number: you need to take down the transection number. This number will be used for any inquires about the card.

Note: while you submit your application for Ration card in Andhra Pradesh you have to submit your D! Form to the nearest rationing office.

EPDS login advantages

  • Using EPDS AP login one can track the availability of food grains, they can check the status of their card, and information about their card.
  • EPDS AP login has made it easy for any to get new Ration card, update their owned Ration card very easily.
  • One can even check the subsidy report and status if their subsidy.