DDO request ap treasury

  • The Drawing and disbursing officers. This is a portal made to prepare the payment bills. This is a system meant to prepare the monthly salaries for the employees of the state government. And I addition to this they also manage encashment bills, DA arrears and supplements bills
  • DDOREQ AP TREASURY is an online portal to generate the pay bills online. Necessary details of the employees has to be initially feeded. After registration every month bills a generated by DDO. With this anyone can directly submit the bill electronically and the data will be automatically accepted into the treasury online application.
  • DDO Request, Directorate General Of treasury and maintenance accounts Main Functions of DDO request are public fund, the processing of pension files of respective statements.

This package facilities issue of electronic LPC which is accepted by the new mode of DDO and the package takes care of the entire internal housekeeping of deleting the employee for the old DDO and attaching the employee for the new DDO.

  • The main benefit with DDO Request is that it is very much reliable in handling bills.
  • The deduction of loans in directly linked with the loan Account. The deduction are enforced automatically.

What is DDO Request?

  • DDO Request is mainly formed to generate monthly bills very easily and in a reliable way.
  • The work of the DDO is to handle PF, EWS and to generate monthly bills and in addition to this they also schedules the bank statements.
  • They have to maintain and process the statements each and every month manually
  • They take the responsibility for regulation, manipulation and management of Income tax, Income tax returns, TDS return.

IMPACT: (integrated management of pay and account and Treasuries) the main aim of the impact is computerize the functions of Treasuries.

This package is made to monitor the following:

  • Passing of bills
  • Reconciliation
  • All of the government expenditure and receipts
  • Electronic Payments
  • Electronic transmission of scrolls
  • The management of Manages PF, Loans, withdrawals, Interests, Reports.
  • And many other bills.

To prepare the ddoreq AP employee salary bills you are required to login treasury ap.gov.in using the password credentials.

  • First thing is to go to DDOREQ login
  • Select the pay bills and then proceed to the select the pay bill preparation.
  • At the bill preparation page you need to confirm the bill id and the month.
  • After the conformation, select the bill id from the drop down, then you have to enter the month and the year of pay bill you want to claim and then press ok to continue.
  • Automatically the screen will display the employees who are eligible to get the monthly increments.

The official link: http://treasury.ap.gov.in/cybertry/index1.php?service=ddo_billstatus

To know you’re about your bills status go to this link and select your districts, STO code and DDO code. And check your DDO bills Status.