Apobmms apply

APOBMMS login is a real time web- based Beneficiary Management and Monitoring Software which is developed by the centre for Good Governance (CGG) for welfare Corporations and Federation of Andhra Pradesh. This basic idea behind this system is to ensure transparency in facilitating subsidy transfer for Economic Support schemes through which subsidy benefit of worth Rs. 2356.73 crores are being transferred to below Poverty Lines (BPL) beneficiaries for the Grounding of scheme.

  • This system has user many user department such as A.p. scheduled castes co-operative Development Corporation Ltd, A.P. Minorities finance corporation LTD. Amravati.
  • The system comprise the entire work model of mandal, district and Head offices.
  • One of the best thing about APOBMMS login is that it is purely paperless and all the information is available in the public domain this helps people to get to know about the thing and also it provides transparency for the work.
  • The every subsequent year, Managing director has to again allocate target to district Offices which are to be achieved.
  • the official website for this application is  https://apobmms.cgg.gov.in/


  • This is a web based app or a portal for the governmental services provided by the government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The basic idea behind this is that to make a common platform for the service provider and service user to communicate effectively.


  • This system is capable of generating alerts and intimation letters to the committee and beneficiaries, all the beneficiaries are selected at the Mandal level based on the skills and target. And in addition this all the stakeholders are accountable for their pendency and progress, this will bringtransparency & accountability in the system.
  • after this system has come into practice, registration, approvals, Bank consent, sponsored List generation and many other works have become very fast and since this is an online work. After every activity we are able to send feedback, this means that this system give Fast Service Delivery.
  • Due to the use of mobile app and dashboard, it has made officers to monitor and manipulate the physical and financial progress easily and effectively.
  • The interface is too much user friendly any one can operate on it without any type of training. Users can enter details. With this anyone can manipulate the fund and resources.

Characteristics of this portal

  • Aadhaar card is used for the registration of the Beneficiary
  • The beneficiary are always updated with the activity like registration, selection via features like SMS etc.
  • On time SMS are sent to everyone for the upcoming activates.
  • Beneficiaries has to give their Bio-metric Authentication in order to register which reduces duplication of ID’s.
  • It is the duty of MPDO to forward the selected list to the district office.
  • It is the responsibility if the MD to release the check online.

This system has proven to be very easy and reliable way to manage the online governmental services due to which this portal or system has won the Award of excellence in the department of e-governance category.