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Railway RRB General Science Quiz – English-1

  1. 1. Question
    In our country the Van Mahotsav Day is observed on–
    ans: 1st July
  2. 2. Question
    Air is composed of gases, water vapours and–
     ans:Dust Particles
  3. 3. Question
    Air pollution is caused by-
    Ans: Smoke
  4. 4. Question
    Vermicomposting is done by–
  5. 5. Question
    An animal that can tolerate the heat of the desert is–
  6. 6. Question
    Abiotic environment does not include–
  7. 7. Question
    Which of the following is not a fertilizer mineral?
  8. 8. Question
    Fog which consists of large particles of moisture is called–
  9. 9. Question
    Insulin was invented by–
    F. Banting
  10. 10. Question
    Which of the following physical quantities is different from others?
  11. 11. Question
    Blood is–
  12. 12. Question
    Which of the following liquids is most fire-prone?
  13. 13. Question
    The coldest temperature on the Earth recorded in East Antarctica is
  14. 14. Question
    The meaning of the word ‘terra rossa’ is–
    Red Soil
  15. 15. Question
    The animal kingdom found in a particular geographical area is called–
  16. 16. Question
    The life history of human malarial parasite in Anopheles was first described by–
    Ronald Ross
  17. 17. Question
    Which of the following is based on the process of fusion ?
     Hydrogen Bomb
  18. 18. Question
    The volume of which of the following materials decreases when it is heated from 0°C to 5°C ?
  19. 19. Question
    Which of the following chemicals is useful in photography ?
    Silver Bromide
  20. 20. Question
    The purest form of water can be obtained from–
     Kent R.O.
  21. 21. Question
    If speed of rotation of the earth increases, weight of the body–
  22. 22. Question
    The working of a rocket is based on the principle of–
    Conservation of Momentum
  23. 23. Question
    Acceleration is the rate of change of–
  24. 24. Question
    The number of chromosomes in human body is–
  25. 25. Question
    What is an example of emulsion?
  26. 26. Question
    Ophthalmology is the branch of science in which we study about which thing?
  27. 27. Question
    What is the second most common element in the universe?
  28. 28. Question
    A large magnet is broken into two pieces. If the lengths of two pieces are in the ratio of 3 : 4. what is the ratio of their pole strengths?
  29. 29. Question
    Which pollutant is main product of automobile exhaust?
  30. 30. Question
    Inert gases (Except Helium) comes in which block in the periodic table?

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