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MARCH 2ND WEEK CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ-2018                                                     
(1) Who becomes the first Indian to win 2018 Pritzker Prize?
(A) Rajiv Saini
(B) Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi
(C) Chitra Vishwanath
(D) Shabnam Gupta
Answer: B
(2) What is the UN Theme of “International Women’s Day” 2018?
(A) Investing in Women and Girls
(B) Equality for Women is Progress for All
(C) Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality
(D) Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives
Answer: D
(3) Who is the only Indian Billionaire in the under 40 league?
(A) Kunal Bahl
(B) Vijay Shekhar Sharma
(C) Bhavish Aggrawal
(D) Naveen Tewari
Answer: B
(4) Name the Indian Airports which have been ranked as the world’s best airport in handling over 40 million passengers annually as per the Airports Council International (ACI) report?
(A) Cochin & Pune
(B) Hyderabad & Lucknow
(C) Bengaluru & Chennai
(D) Mumbai & Delhi
Answer: D
(5) Who is the first woman from the field of law and justice conferred ‘Nari Shakti Puraskar 2017’ on women’s day?
(A) Gita Mittal
(B) Indu Malhotra
(C) R Banumathi
(D) Fathima Beevi
Answer: A

(6) Muskan and Promila won gold at which event?
(A) ISSF World Cup
(B) Athletic Federation of India cup
(C) Azlan Shah Cup
(D) Archery Asia Cup
Answer: D
(7) The new high jump record created by Tejaswin Shankar is ——————-.
(A) 2.28 m
(B) 2.25 m
(C) 2 m
(D) 3 m
Answer: A
(8) What is the rank of India in the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE) 2018?
(A) 52
(B) 46
(C) 49
(D) 35
Answer: A                                                     
(9) Which among the following IT firms has been named as the world’s fastest growing IT services brand in 2018, according to the report of leading brand valuation firm, Brand Finance?
(A) Infosys
(B) Wipro
(C) HCL Technologies
(D) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
Answer: D
(10) Which Indian city has attained top spot in the global city wealth index 2018 among 314 global cities listed?
(A) Delhi
(B) Mumbai
(C) Chennai
(D) Bengaluru
Answer: B
(11) Which state CM has announced ‘Mukhyamantri Mahila Kosh’ scheme for Single Woman?
(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Haryana
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Gujarat
Answer: A                                                     

(12) Pyare Lal Wadali, the famous sufi singer passed away. He belonged to which state?
(A) Odisha
(B) Punjab
(C) Rajasthan
(D) Uttar PradesH
Answer: B
(13) Name the President of France who was on a visit to India for strengthening the bilateral relation?
(A) Edouard Philippe
(B) Gerard Larcher
(C) Emmanuel Macron
(D) Fran├žois de Rugy
Answer: C
(14) The book titled Fulfilling Bapu’s Dreams – Prime Minister Modi’s Tribute to Gandhiji was launched recently. The book is written and published by ____________.
(A) Cambridge University Press India
(B) Bluekraft Digital Foundation
(C) Foundation Publishing House
(D) National Book Trust of India      Answer: B
(15) Recently, Madhya Pradesh became the first Indian state to pass death penalty bill for rape of girls aged 12 or below. Which is the second state to do the same?
(A) Rajasthan
(B) Haryana
(C) Karnataka
(D) Maharashtra
Answer: A                                                     

(16) Who has been appointed as the first Indian brand ambassador of Uber?
(A) Salman Khan
(B) Shahrukh Khan
(C) Akshay Kumar
(D) Virat Kohli
Answer: D
(17) Who among the following has become the first women to be inducted as the India’s first direct-entry combat officer in the Indo-Tibetan Border Police?
(A) Nusrat
(B) Bhavya
(C) Prakriti
(D) Sukruti
Answer: C
(18) Queen Elizabeth has conferred which award to Srishti Bakshi?
(A) Business Award
(B) Peace Award
(C) BAFTA Award
(D) Commonwealth Point of Light Award
Answer: D
(19) Ayyasamy Dharun is from which athletic game?
(A) Hurdles
(B) Relay
(C) Long Jump
(D) Triple Jump
Answer: A

(20) Who among the following has been given the additional charge of the Civil Aviation Ministry after the resignation of Ashok Gajapati Raju?
(A) Piyush Goyal
(B) Nitin Gadkari
(C) Ravi Shankar Prasad
(D) Suresh Prabhu
Answer: D
(21) Which among the given teams has won the 27th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup?
(A) Malaysia
(B) England
(C) Australia
(D) New Zealand
Answer: C
(22) Miles-18 first ever multi nation naval exercise is held in which sea area?
(A) Indian Ocean
(B) Andaman Sea
(C) Bay of Bengal
(D) None of the above
Answer: B
(23) Which Government document has been made mandatory for availing more than Rs. 50 cr loan?
(A) Aadhar
(B) Passport
(C) Voter Card
(D) Birth Certificate
Answer: B
(24) First Conference of International Solar Alliance is held at ——–.
(A) Nairobi
(B) Paris
(C) Kolkata
(D) New Delhi
Answer: D
(25) _______ and Israeli had launched the so-called “Juniper Cobra 2018″ military drill.
(A) Japan
(B) US
(C) Russia
(D) France
Answer: B
(26) Winter Paralympics 2018 is taking place at __________.
(A) Seoul
(B) Busan
(C) Pyeongchang
(D) Daegu
Answer: C
(27) President Ram Nath Kovind will be the chief guest at the celebration commemorating the 50th year of the independence of ________.
(A) Seychelles
(B) Mauritius
(C) Madagascar
(D) Nauru
Answer: B
(28) Which country has amended it’s constitution to remove the two term limit for the presidency?
(A) Pakistan
(B) US
(C) China
(D) Myanmar
Answer: C
(29) Parag Agrawal, an alumnus of IIT-Bombay has been appointed as the Chief Technology Officer of which company?
(A) Flipkart
(B) Adobe
(C) Paytm
(D) Twitter
Answer: D

(30) Which country has launched hypersonic “Kinzhal” missile?
(A) Russia
(C) North Korea
(D) India
Answer: A
(31) ‘Tobacco product regulation: Building laboratory testing capacity’ guide was launched at?
(A) Global Healthcare Summits
(B) National Health Policy Conference
(C) World Conference on Tobacco or Health
(D) International Conference on Public Health 2018
Answer: C
(32) Name the Indian women wrestler to attain world number 2 ranking in the 65kg weight category rankings released by United World Wrestling.
(A) Sakshi Malik
(B) Navjot Kaur
(C) Bajrang Punia
(D) Sangeeta Phogat
Answer: B
(33) Based on the recent report of Global cyber security provider – Kaspersky Lab, what is the rank of India worldwide in the list of countries facing web-borne threats?
(A) 47th
(B) 25th
(C) 29th
(D) 33rd
Answer: D
(34) Name the country which has won the highest number of medal at the 2018 International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Cup in Mexico.
(A) Italy
(B) United States
(C) Australia
(D) India
Answer: D
(35) Nguyen Huong Giang, was crowned “Miss International Queen” in Thailand at one of the world’s top beauty pageants for transgender women, she is from which country?
(A) Vietnam
(B) Thailand
(C) Philippines
(D) Syria
Answer: A
(36) In which state PM Modi and French President inaugurated 75 MW solar plant?
(A) Himachal Pradesh
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Haryana
(D) Punjab
Answer: B
(37) Which bank reduces charges on non-maintenance of minimum balance ?
(A) State Bank of India
(B) RBL Bank
(C) Axis Bank
(D) Federal Bank
Answer: A
(38) Which country announces USD 100 Ml LoC for Mauritius?
(A) Australia
(B) India
(C) Pakistan
(D) Japan
Answer: B
(39) Who among the following has been sworn in as the President of Nepal?
(A)Yuba Raj Khatiwada
(B) Bidya Devi Bhandari
(C) Gopal Man Shrestha
(D) Janardan Sharma
Answer: B
(40) Who has been appointed as the new President of Chile?
(A) Sebastian Pinera
(B) Michelle Bachelet
(C) Carlos Ibanez del Campo
(D) Felipe Larrain Bascunan
Answer: A
(41) India’s factory production grew in January to _____.
(A) 7.5%
(B) 7.1%
(C) 7.4%
(D) 7%
Answer: A
(42) Where was World Ocean Summit 2018 held?
(A) Cuba
(B) Mexico
(C) Argentina
(D) Brazil
Answer: B
(43) Who is the new chief of PIB?
(A) Neelam Kapoor
(B) Rajiv Gupta
(C) Sitanshu Kar
(D) J.K. Parida
Answer: C
(44) Which country is the largest supplier of arms to India?
(A) Russia
(C) China
(D) Israel
Answer: A                                                     
(45) India ranks ________ in 2018 global happiness index.
(A) 123
(B) 133
(C) 143
(D) 153
Answer: B
(46) Which countries film ‘Halkaa’ bags the Grand Prix de Montreal at the gala?
(A) India
(B) Pakistan
(C) Nepal
(D) China
Answer: A
(47) Which day is observed as World Consumer Rights Day?
(A) 14 April
(B) 11 March
(C) 12 April
(D) 15 March
Answer: D
(48) Which country’s chief justice was removed by the Judicial Council amid a raging dispute over his multiple birth certificates?
(A) Nepal
(B) Bangladesh
(C) Afghanistan
(D) India
Answer: A
(49) The short film _____ has won an award at Best of India Short Film Festival in Los Angeles, US.
(A) The School Bag
(B) That Day After Everyday
(C) Black Mirror
(D) Shunyata
Answer: D
(50) Ravichandran Ashwin ranks ____ in test player rankings released by the International Cricket Council (ICC).
(A) 01st
(B) 10th
(C) 09th
(D) 04th
Answer: D

(51) Name the renowned scientist who passed away on 14th March 2018?
(A) Timothy Berners-Lee
(B) Stephen Hawking
(C) Jane Goodall
(D) Alan Guth
Answer: B
(52) In which State, India’s tallest flag was unfurled?
(A) Karnataka
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Kerala
Answer: A
(53) Which bank launches online overdraft facility?
(A) ICICI Bank
(B) State Bank of India
(C) HDFC Bank
(D) Axis Bank
Answer: A
(54) Andhra Pradesh stands at which position in Poverty Index?
(A) 52
(B) 50
(C) 51
(D) 53
Answer: C
(55) Which day is observed as International PI Day?
(A) 14 April
(B) 11 March
(C) 12 April
(D) 14 March
Answer: D
(56) According to World Bank, by what percent Indian economy will grow in FY 19?
(A) 7.3%
(B) 7.1%
(C) 8.3%
(D) 7.9%
Answer: A                                                     

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