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31 March 2018 Current Affairs Quiz

1) Name the first female who has been appointed as Chief of United Nations Department of Political Affairs (DPA)?
(A) Jeffrey Feltman
(B) Taye-Brook Zerihoun
(C) Rosemary DiCarlo
(D) Miroslav Jenca
Answer: C
2) Who has been appointed as the Deputy Election Commissioner of India?
(A) Anurag Agarwal
(B) Chandra Bhushan Kumar
(C) Ritvik Ranjanam Pandey
(D) Mukul Ratra
Answer: B
3) With which country India held the meeting on Indus water treaty?
(A) China
(B) Russia
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) Pakistan
Answer: D
4) Which country has test fired Submarine Launched Cruise Missile named SLCM Babur?
(A) Iraq
(B) Israel
(C) Bangladesh
(D) Pakistan
Answer: D
5) RBI imposes fine on which bank for violating rules?
(A) YES Bank
(B) ICICI Bank
(C) HDFC Bank
(D) IndusInd Bank
Answer: B

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