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21 March 2018 Current Affairs Quiz

1) Who has been re-elected as the Vice-President of Nepal for the second term?
(A) Parmanand Jha
(B) Nanda Kishor Pun
(C) Ram Baran Yadav
(D) Bidhya Devi Bhandari
Answer: B
2) Which country Bans Use Of Venezuelan Cryptocurrency Petro?
(B) Saudi Arabia
(C) Indonesia
(D) India
Answer: A
3) Indian Army releases book on which Awardees?
(A) Dhyan Chand Award
(B) Ashoka Chakra
(C) Paramveer Chakra
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
4) Who has been appointed the Honorary Consul General for Denmark in Chennai?
(A) Vineet Mishra
(B) Abhay Sharma
(C) Ankit Singh
(D) Vijay Sankar
Answer: D
5) Which country’s president resigns due to ill health?
(A) Slovakia
(B) Myanmar
(C) Vietnam
(D) Japan
Answer: B
6) The first G20 ministerial meeting 2018 of finance ministers and central bank governors has kicked off in which country?
(A) China
(B) United States
(C) Argentina
(D) India
Answer: C
7) Which country hosted the Gulf Shield-1, the military exercise of 23 countries?
(A) Kuwait
(C) Saudi Arabia
(D) Egypt
Answer: C
8) Who presented the Padma awards to 43 eminent personalities in Ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan?
(A) M Venkaiah Naidu
(B) Narendra Modi
(C) Prakash Javadekar
(D) Ram Nath Kovind
Answer: D

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