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10 March 2018 Current Affairs Quiz

(1) Pyare Lal Wadali, the famous sufi singer passed away. He belonged to which state?
(A) Odisha
(B) Punjab
(C) Rajasthan
(D) Uttar Pradesh
Answer: B
(2) Name the President of France who was on a visit to India for strengthening the bilateral relation?
(A) Edouard Philippe
(B) Gerard Larcher
(C) Emmanuel Macron
(D) Fran├žois de Rugy
Answer: C
(3) The book titled Fulfilling Bapu’s Dreams – Prime Minister Modi’s Tribute to Gandhiji was launched recently. The book is written and published by ____________.
(A) Cambridge University Press India
(B) Bluekraft Digital Foundation
(C) Foundation Publishing House
(D) National Book Trust of India
Answer: B
(4) Recently, Madhya Pradesh became the first Indian state to pass death penalty bill for rape of girls aged 12 or below. Which is the second state to do the same?
(A) Rajasthan
(B) Haryana
(C) Karnataka
(D) Maharashtra
Answer: A
(5) Who has been appointed as the first Indian brand ambassador of Uber?
(A) Salman Khan
(B) Shahrukh Khan
(C) Akshay Kumar
(D) Virat Kohli
Answer: D
(6) Who among the following has become the first women to be inducted as the India’s first direct-entry combat officer in the Indo-Tibetan Border Police?
(A) Nusrat
(B) Bhavya
(C) Prakriti
(D) Sukruti
Answer: C
(7) Queen Elizabeth has conferred which award to Srishti Bakshi?
(A) Business Award
(B) Peace Award
(C) BAFTA Award
(D) Commonwealth Point of Light Award
Answer: D
(8) Ayyasamy Dharun is from which athletic game?
(A) Hurdles
(B) Relay
(C) Long Jump
(D) Triple Jump
Answer: A

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