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English Language - Sentence Correction [MCQ]

Study Materials for sbi clerk 2018 : English Language - Sentence Correction [MCQ]

1. The adaptation of mammals to almost all possible (1) modes of life parallels the reptiles in the (2) Mesozoic time, and except for greater intelligence, (3) the mammals do not seem to have done much better than corresponding reptilian (4) forms. No error (5) 
2. Sancho ran as fast as he (1) could walk to help his (2) master whom he found lying on the ground and (3) not able to stir, such a blow he and Rozinante (4) had received. No error (5)
3. As Caesar loved me, I wept for him, as he was fortunate I rejoice at it. No error
 (1)   (2)   (3)     (4)   (5)
4. The people of Orleans, when they first saw her in their city thought she was an angel. No error
  (1)     (2)    (3)       (4)              (5) 
5. Chemical compounds with barium, cobalt and strontium are responsible to many of the vivid  colour in fireworks. No error
   (1)      (2)       (3)   (4)    (5) 

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