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English Language : One-Word Substitution for sbi clerk 2018

 English Language : One-Word Substitution

A person who is out to destroy all government and orderAnarchist
Government by the peopleDemocracy
The whole mass of air surrounding the earthAtmosphere
One who is not sure of the existence of GodAgnostic
A medicine which prevents infection by killing germsAntiseptic
One who does something not professionally but for pleasureAmateur
A statement open to more than one interpretationAmbiguous
One who makes an official examination of accountsAuditor
Marrying more than one wife or more than one husband at a timePolygamy
The science that studies plantsBotany
The science which studies natural processes of living thingsBiology
People working together in the same office or departmentColleagues
The state of remaining unmarriedCelibacy
The action of bringing into completionConsummation
To give one's authority to anotherDelegate
Study of the relation of living things to environmentEcology
The action of looking within or into one's own mindIntrospection
One incapable of being tiredIndefatigable
A letter, poem, etc. whose auther is unknownAnonymous
Work for which no salary is paidHonorary
One who looks at the bright side of thingsOptimist
One who cannot read or writeIlliterate
A game or battle in which neither party winsDraw
Holding established opinionsOrthodox
Hater of womenMisogynist
The study of the origin and physical and cultural development of mankingAnthropology
The science which studies the crust of the earthGeology
The science which studies animalsZoolog
Happening at one and the same timeSimultaneous
Murder or murderer of oneselfSuicide
Lasting only for a very short whileTemporary
Capable of being seen throughTransparent
The first speech delivered by a personMaiden
The art practised by statesmen and ambassadorsDiplomacy
One who walks on footPedestrian
One who lives on othersParasite
One who speaks for othersSpokesperson
One who spends very littleMiser
One who prossesses several talents or giftsVersatile
One who eats vegatables onlyVegetarian
A thing that is fit to be eatenEdible
A statement absolutely clearExplicit
A widespread disease affecting many people at the same timeEpidemic
A trade that is prohibited by lawGala day
A desire that cannot be represedIllicit
A method that cannot be imitatedIrrespressible
Remarks which do not really apply to the subject under discussionInimitable
A story that can hardly be believedIncredible
A comparison that is out of placeInapt
That which cannot be satisfiedInsatiable
A remedy which never failsInfallible
A thing that cannot be seen with human eyesInvisible
One who is very easily made angryIrritable
An ordinary and common place remarkPlatitude
A sum paid to a man for a piece of workRemuneration
The act of violating the sanctity or destroying the property of a sacred placeSacrilege
To make up one's mind and change it quicklyVacillate
A person with a long experience of any occupationVeteran
A place where clothes are keptWardrobe
A state of complete continence on the part of a womanVirginity
A man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religion and hates other religionsFanatic
One who makes calculations connected with insuranceActuary
A country, etc. which is very distantRemote
To send out of one's native countryExile
A person chosen by parties who have a controversy to settle their differencesMediator
Notice of death, especially in a newspaperObituary
Opinion contrary to accepted doctrinesHeresy
Great clapping and cheeringApplause
Exclusive possession of the trade in some commodityMonopoly
Sole right to make and sell some inventionPatent

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