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Delhi Police Constable Result 2016

Delhi Police Constable Result

SSC has declared Delhi Police Constable 2016 Result. Delhi Police Constable Examination was held on 5th December to 8th December 2017.

Next stage for the selected candidates is Medical Examination and then followed by Police Verification.

Medical Standard:

  • The minimum distant vision should be 6/12 of two eyes (without glasses) and shall be free from colour blindness. 
  • Candidates who have undergone Lasik surgery for improvement of their vision (Eye Sight) will be eligible if their vision (Eye Sight) is found normal after the conduct of the following Tests at the Govt. Hospital:-
  1. Contrast sensitivity.
  2. Dim light vision(Mesopic vision)
  3. Glare acuity
  • The candidate must not have knock knees, flat foot, varicose vein, loss or deformity of fingers & chest and joints, Halux valgus, halux rigidus, squint in eyes, bow legs and other deformity including loss of any part of body. 
  • The candidates should be of sound state of health, free from defect, deformity or disease likely to interfere with the efficient performance of the duties. No relaxation is allowed to any category of candidates on this count.

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