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SSC MTS Descriptive Paper TIER 2

SSC MTS Descriptive Paper TIER 2

Hello Students,

  To come across the government exams successfully,we have to be prepared for all the Tiers conducted by the Staff. SSC MTS Tier 1 and  SSC CGL Tier 1 are over now and everybody is looking forward to the Tier 2 & Tier 3 respectively.In a nutshell, just start preparing for the descriptive exams that contain Essays,Letters Or Precis Writing.Considering the importance of the descriptive exam,we are providing Essay on an important topic to the aspirants to let them know about the proper usage of words and writing on an important topic.Those who are in need of a proper guidance and don't want to miss the opportunity to get the job they are longing for and are determined about must go through this.We wish the best wishes to all the aspirants out.


In a world that seems increasingly dominated by technology and computers, everything has made its place online. From studies to meetings, from projects to reports, from exams to results, all the things can be done online. Computers have left behind the use of Pen and Paper with the arrival of online tests, Top premier institutes have started the format of online examination, Computer Based Testing is not just about taking an examination on a computer, it also involves changes in the way examinations are scheduled, designed, conducted, monitored and evaluated.

Online examinations consist of mainly MCQs which provide an easy-to-use environment for preparing questions, conducting exams and managing results. Also, these exams are very cost effective as no expenses are incurred for printing or distribution of question papers. Exam can be conducted in several geographically scattered locations at the same time.The candidate has the flexibility to choose the exam location and time. The online exam system gives freedom to choose among multiple language options accordingly. This system of examination has also emerged as a boon for the candidates with physical disability including hearing, visual etc. Various input devices can be used to extend access to such vision Braille Keyboards are available for those with vision problems. Another benefit is that candidates can practice through Mock tests which are available online. 

The best advantage of Computer Based Exam is that one can change the answer frequently at a click while in offline it is difficult once you circle OMR with pen. People already engaged in full time jobs or classes find these online entrance exams easily accessible as the feasibility to take exam at the preferred location gives them the opportunity to appear for the exam for the desired course.This fast and effective system of online examination is helping the aspiring candidates to understand their level of performance. In brief, Computer Based Test exam system is more secure and saves money, time and avoids wastage of paper.

However on being asked about both Pros and Cons of Computer Based Test Exam, you can add following points as the disadvantages of the same.

Connectivity issue: Connectivity can be a serious disadvantage of online testing. A student’s internet connection can drop at any time for various reasons. Which can cause the students to lose work or in advertently submit tests that are incomplete.
Cheating: The chances of cheating during an online test are tough to eliminate. Unless an instructor is physically watching someone take the test, it is almost impossible to remedy. 

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