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Banking awareness notes for syndicate bank po and Canara bank po and ibps clerk mains. | economy part3

Banking awareness notes for syndicate bank po and Canara bank po and ibps clerk mains. 

151) Which is the Manchester of Uttar Pradesh?
Ans :- Kanpur,
152) Which city is known as the
Manchester of South India?
Ans :- Coimbatore,
153) Which is the Indian state with the highest number of powerlooms?
Ans :- Maharashtra,
154) Which is the first shore based steel plant in the country?
Ans :- Vishakhapatnam steel plant,
155) When was BALCO incorporated?
Ans :- 1965,
156) Which is the oldest oil field of India?
Ans :- Digboi,
157) The income tax in India is -
Ans :- direct and progressive,
158) The National Income is more at current prices than at constant prices because -
Ans :- increase in price is more than production,
159) What was the maximum number of days of employment in a year, a member of a rural poor family would get under Hawahar Rozgar Yojana?
Ans :- 100 days,
160) The balance of the payments deficit in India can be eased by -
Ans :- export promotion and import substitution,
161) The Garibi Hatao slogan was coined in -
Ans :- 1971,
162) To prevent recurrence of scams in Indian Capital Market the Government has assigned regulatory powers to -
Ans :- SEBI,
163) Life Insurance Corporation is an example of -
Ans :- Investment Bank,
164) The period of high inflation and low economic growth is termed as -
Ans :- Stagflation,
165) Perpective plan is drawn up for a period of -
Ans :- 15 to 20 years,
166) The first estimate of national income in India was made by -
Ans :- Dadabhai Naoroji,
167) Globalisation of Indian Economy means -
Ans :- having minimum possible restrictions on economic relations with other countries,
168) Buyers market denotes the place where -
Ans :- the supply exceeds the demand,
169) How many languages are used in a ten rupee note?
Ans :- 15,
170) An as valorem duty is a tax on the basis of -
Ans :- the price of a commodity,
171) Which is the most important objective of Indian planning?
Ans :- Increasing per capita income,
172) The per capita income is obtained by -
Ans :- dividing national income by the population,
173) As essential attribute of inflation is -
Ans :- increase in prices,
174) ISO - 9000 certificates is a stringent quality control standard for electronic goods that is essential for any Indian exporter to complete in International markets. It is issued by the -
Ans :- British Standards Institution,
175) The budget is presented to the Parliament on -
Ans :- the last day of February,
176) Fresh evaluation of every intem of expenditure from the very beginning of each financial year is called -
Ans :- Zero - based Budgeting,
177) A deflator is a technique of -
Ans :- adjusting for change in price level,
178) India adopted the Five Year Plans from -
Ans :- England,
179) Fiscal policy is connected with -
Ans :- public revenue and expemditure,
180) Antyodaya programme was chiefly aimed at the upliftment of -
Ans :- rural poors,
181) Indias first Greenfield Special Economic Zone (SEZ) was set up at -
Ans :- Indore,
182) If saving exceeds investment, the national income will -
Ans :- remain constant,
183) Indian economy since independence can be described as -
Ans :- an under - developed developing economy,
184) Excise Duties are taxes on -
Ans :- production of commodities,
185) Deficit financing is spending -
Ans :- in excess of revenue,
186) The largest source of saving in India since 1950 has been?
Ans :- persons,
187) The best means of saving during inflation is -
Ans :- Money,
188) A tax that takes away a higher proportion of ones income as the income rises is termed as -
Ans :- Progressive tax,
189) The national income of India is estimated mainly through -
Ans :- production and income methods,
190) Goa economy is mainly based on -
Ans :- export of ores,
191) In our country, which affects poverty line the most?
Ans :- Per capita income,
192) A currency whose exchange rate tends to fall because of persistent balance of payment deficit is known as -
Ans :- Soft Currency,
193) The long term fiscal policy proposes to maintain the stability of -
Ans :- Direct tax rates,
194) MODVAT relates to retionalisation of tax structure in -
Ans :- Excise duty,
195) The Standard of living in a country is represented by its -
Ans :- per capita income,
196) Modern economy is one of -
Ans :- Open economy,
197) Rate of growth of an economy is measured in termas of -
Ans :- National income,
198) What is the best socio - economic justification for the levy of income tax?
Ans :- Reducing inequalities of incomes and wealth,
199) The earliest Cooperative societies formed in India were -
Ans :- Credit societies,
200) The cause of inflation is -
Ans :- increase in money supply and fall in production,

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