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Interview Questions Asked in IBPS RRB IV

Interview Questions Asked in IBPS RRB IV
Interview Questions Asked in IBPS RRB IV

Based on Feedback from various students from all over india, we are sharing some of the questions asked in IBPS RRB-IV interview.
Most of places 4-5 members in Interview panel. Interviews are going on two shifts- morning and evening.
Some of the common Questions asked in IBPS RRB-IV Interview-
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Why you want to join RRB?
3. Queries about RRB’s based on your preference ?
4. Questions related with your hobbies?
5. Questions on your native city?
6. question on crop seasons?
7. Questions on RBI?
8. Difference between NEFT and RTGS?
9. Questions on Kisan credit card?
10. Questions on Kisan Vikas Patra ?
11. Question on RRB?
12. Question on Nabard?
13. Questions on SEBI ?
14. How village is different from city?
15. Why RRB after, b.pharma, mba or any other professional qualification?
16. If you select in IBPS PO , then you quite RRB or not?
17. Recent government schemes?
18. Bihar election – which party got how many seats?
19. How many associate SBI have?
20. Minimum capital required for RRB?
21. Share holders of RRB?
22. What is CTS?

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