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IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Analysis, Review 2017: 03rd Dec - Shift 2

IBPS Clerk Prelims Analysis: Overall  

IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Analysis, Review 2017: 03rd Dec - Shift 2

The preliminary exam for IBPS Clerk was conducted online and had 100 questions for 60 minutes. Candidates have to manage those 60 minutes themselves while dealing with three sections- Reasoning Ability (35 Ques), Numerical Ability (35 Ques), and English Language (30 Ques). 

SubjectGood AttemptTime (in min.)
English Language16-1815
Reasoning Ability28-3120
Numerical Ability23-2625

English Language (Moderate-Difficult)

The level of English Language was Moderate-Difficult. The topic of reading comprehension was based on story. There were no questions related to the vocabulary with Reading Comprehension. The Error Detection questions were of a new pattern where candidates were asked to find the part in the sentence that does not have any error. There were questions of (single) Fill in the blank where two words would fit one blank and candidate had to choose among given set of words and identify the two words that would fill in the blank appropriately.
TopicNo. of QuestionLevel
Reading Comprehension5Moderate
Single Filler - New Pattern5Moderate-Difficult
Error Detection 8Moderate
Phrase Replacement12Moderate-Difficult

Numerical Ability (Easy-Moderate)

The level of Numerical Ability section was Easy-Moderate. The number of questions from arithmetic (word problems) was significantly high as 10 out of 35 questions were from the arithmetic portion There was only 1 set of DI:
  • Tabular 
TopicsNo. of QuestionLevel
Tabular DI5Moderate
Number Series (Missing)5Easy-Moderate
Profit & Loss1Easy
Simple Interest and Compound Interest1Easy
Problem on Ages1Easy
Ratio and Proportion1Easy
Time and Work1Moderate
Boat and Stream1Moderate
Miscellaneous 2Easy

    Reasoning Ability (Easy)

    There were 2 sets of puzzles and Seating Arrangement which are given below:-
    • Linear (6 persons facing North while 6 are facing south, 1 variable)
    • Day Based (Sunday to Saturday)
    TopicsNo. of QuestionsLevel
    Direction Sense2Easy
    Puzzles and Seating Arrangement10Moderate
    Blood Relation3Easy
    Alphabetic-Numeric-Symbol Series5Easy
    Numerical Series5Easy
    Total35 Easy

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